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  • Rodman 55 This model is one of the most reputable and more demanded to our Shipyard. Her unique design makes this high speed patrol boat to offer the best performance and manoeuvrability available nowadays, reaching maximum speeds up to 67 knots. This craft is perfect for sea intervention operations where quick reaction is one of the differential elements.

  • Rodman 65Offshore Support Catamaran with a length of 20.56 m. and breadth of 7.5 m., reaching a maximum speed of 15 knots. Designed for the offshore support of wind mills in the North Sea, where navigation conditions are extremely hard. With a capacity for 12 people, this catamaran is duly equipped to perform any task related to wind industry on the high...

  • Rodman 78 Our longest passenger catamaran in length. She has a length of 23.7 m., breadth of 8.2 m, reaching a maximum speed of 15 knots. Thanks to her excellent design, this catamaran provides seating for 250 passengers, a remarkable figure for a model of these dimensions. Besides, incorporates all commodities for the passengers and the best and...

  • Rodman 65 Shrimp fishing vessel, also specialized in other forms such as shrimp with outriggers; fence; and tuna bait and close to the fence.

  • Rodman 90 This vessel is a Passenger Catamaran, the largest one built by the Rodman Shipyard. The new Rodman 90 is the first catamaran built in Spain with these features. She has been designed under the International Code of Safety for High Speed Crafts (HSC 2000) and thus allowing the catamaran to transport 300 passengers without speed limitation.

  • RODMAN 100 New Rodman 100, reinforces the Rodman's leadesrhip in Passenger Catamaran segment. Rodman 100, is the largest Passenger Catamaran designed and built in Spain under the International Code of Safety for High Speed Crafts (HSC 2000) and thus allowing the catamaran to transport 306 passengers without speed limitation

  • Rodman 111 New model which consolidates the Rodman’s leadership in this market segment With 35.3 metres length, this completely new Patrol Boat model has been entirely developed reaching the perfect balance among high seas performance, reliability and quality building, no doubt a result of the wide know how and expertise of the Rodman Group in this kind...


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