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The patrol boats built by the Spanish shipyard are highly appreciated by the most demanding private owners and Governmental Administrations and Agencies, thanks to its high standards of quality and excellent sailing performances. Each of our units is built up to match customer’s individual requirements. Rodman builds a wide range of Patrol boats, all of them perfectly adapted to the most demanding owners.

  • Rodman 33 The latest model developed up to date. This High Speed Patrol Boat reaches 55 knots due to the excellent design of her hull. This fast craft is particularly suitable for coastal surveillance and intervention operations where speed is a key element.

  • Rodman 38 11m. in length, this Patrol Boat reaches speeds of 55 knots, suitable for intervention and surveillance tasks in coastal areas.

  • Rodman 55 This model is one of the most reputable and more demanded to our Shipyard. Her unique design makes this high speed patrol boat to offer the best performance and manoeuvrability available nowadays, reaching maximum speeds up to 67 knots. This craft is perfect for sea intervention operations where quick reaction is one of the differential elements.

  • Rodman 58 Surveillance Patrol Boat of medium length, reaching maximum speeds of 35 knots, a perfect craft for coastal surveillance tasks thanks to the combination of high performance and equipment, providing accommodation for 5 crew members.

  • Rodman 66 The versatility of her design and propulsion package allow this patrol boat to be operated as Coastal Surveillance or Rescue Boat reaching maximum speeds of 50 knots, depending on the engines fitted.

  • Rodman 78 One of the latest models developed and built by Rodman, this craft has been designed as a high speed intervention boat, of about 24 m. in length, reaching a maximum speed of 50 knots depending on the propulsion package installed. This patrol boat stands out by her dimensions, wide inner spaces together great performance and functionality.

  • Rodman 101 Different international Governments and Agencies have chosen it as their Surveillance Patrol Boat for their coastal waters. The Rodman 101 design allows accommodation for a permanent crew between 10 and 16 people. Provided with wide range and efficiency, this patrol boat can perform missions for several days without the need to return to...

  • Rodman 46 With a length of 14 m., her excellent design allows this Patrol Boat to reach maximum speed of 67 knots. The versatility of this boat is appropriated for accomplishing different operations, from high speed patrolling to pilot boat tasks.

  • Rodman 111 New model which consolidates the Rodman’s leadership in this market segment With 35.3 metres length, this completely new Patrol Boat model has been entirely developed reaching the perfect balance among high seas performance, reliability and quality building, no doubt a result of the wide know how and expertise of the Rodman Group in this kind...


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