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  • Working Catamarans


Wide range of Catamarans for different purposes, in accordance with our customers’ requirements.
Depending on the purpose and propulsion fitted, they can reach maximum speeds up to 33 knots.

  • Rodman 65Offshore Support Catamaran with a length of 20.56 m. and breadth of 7.5 m., reaching a maximum speed of 15 knots. Designed for the offshore support of wind mills in the North Sea, where navigation conditions are extremely hard. With a capacity for 12 people, this catamaran is duly equipped to perform any task related to wind industry on the high...

  • Rodman 69Hydrographical Catamaran This is a hydrographical and bathymetrical catamaran, specially designed for the study of sea beds and equipped with the latest instruments for this purpose. With a length of 22.8 m and breadth of 6.5 m., she can accommodate up to 11 people and reach maximum speeds of 22 knots.

  • Rodman 82Oceanographic vessel Catamaran of 23.76 m. in length and 9 m. in breadth, she has been designed and built to perform research and oceanographic tasks in coastal waters. Fitted with two engines providing 1,620 HP to reach a maximum speed of 27 knots, 53 tons displacement and range of about 500 miles.


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