The last few months of work have been, like the situation we have all been through, somewhat peculiar, but it is time to return to the sea and do everything we have wished for in the months we have been at home. With the arrival of summer, this month’s post, we have decided to focus on the boats that we have ready to deliver right now, so that you can sail, so that you can enjoy one of the most wonderful times of the year with your loved ones.

So, we will make a small description of our boats ready to sail. Will you sail with us?

Rodman 1090 Evolution

We consider the new Rodman 1090 Evolution to be this season’s great launch. The Rodman 1090 Evolution is a versatile boat with a high level of detail and quality, which is available in two versions: Hard Top and Flybridge; setting the stage for the renewal of a whole range.

She is a boat that reaches a maximum speed of 31 knots, highly customizable, perfect for those owners who are looking for a seaworthy boat, reliable, authentic and modern lines.

Undoubtedly, she represents an optimum balance between the past and the present, where the key attributes of the Rodman brand are maintained and added to more innovative aspects in terms of design and functionality.

Rodman 33 Offshore

The new Rodman 33 Offshore combines our brand’s high-speed boat building experience with the design of a leisure and sport fishing boat.

Capable of reaching 45 knots maximum speed and like all our boats, she has a highly customizable design.

This boat is designed for a wide range of people due to the definition of her spaces, her equipment and different options, but it will undoubtedly become the best option for those who are looking for a quality alternative, maximum performance and at an affordable price.

A very comprehensive option, in the segment of the 10-11 meter open outboard centre console type.

Rodman 890 Ventura

This new version of the Rodman 890 Ventura is a boat with years of experience in which her design lines have been subtly renewed. Large windows allow a great deal of light to enter the interior and perfectly combine the differential attributes of our brand with a compact size and easy navigation.


The Rodman Spirit range was created with the aim of meeting the needs of those who wish to enjoy their leisure time sailing; at the same time it aims to bring the sea and life on board closer to those who have never seen it before. A range to rediscover the sea.

Rodman Spirit is the perfect choice for those looking for a boat with her own personality, unique style and affordable to discover the sea for the first time or rediscover it again.

Rodman Spirit 31
Discovering and living new moments and experiences on board is something innate to the Rodman Spirit 31. When at anchor, she provides top comfort to enjoy with greater ease. Spending your leisure time with your family, friends or on your own shall become your aim.

Versatility is the main feature of this boat, which offers two versions: Rodman Spirit 31 Hard Top and Rodman Spirit 31 Open. Within each of these models, we find different engine options, either outboard or inboard.

In this last season the model adds new design elements, as well as large windows on the hull and an excellent configuration of different environments that will allow you to personalize your enjoyment to the maximum.

Rodman Spirit 42

Within the length and cruiser segment, the Rodman Spirit 42 is one of the most balanced and complete models.

A boat that is addressed to a wide range of public, by the very conception of the model, and by the configuration possibilities she offers.

The Rodman Spirit 42 Fly is a very balanced boat, where the rationality of the spaces stands out when compared to other similar boats in this length segment. Both inside and outside, the owner can configure different characteristics to adapt the boat to his or her needs.

The Rodman Spirit 42 Coupé is a unique, innovative, functional and comfortable boat that is at the same time robust, powerful and with an excellent seaworthiness.



What do you think of this brief survey of some of our boats? Take the opportunity to get your hands on one of our ready to sail boats and enjoy it this summer.

If you want to learn more about them, you can download our brochure or browse our social networks. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube. Or contact us directly.

We will help you in everything you need to enjoy this summer to the fullest.