• Named as “Mar de Galicia”, the new Rodman 130 is an intervention patrol vessel, specially designed to perform surveillance tasks in the coastal waters and fishery resources in Galicia.
  •  She is the second largest offshore patrol vessel in Glass Reinforced Polyester ever built in Europe and probably worldwide to date.
  • Her construction has meant an achievement for the Shipyard, as it allows it to further grow and consolidate in the new segment of vessels of more than 40 metres in length built in GRP after the Rodman 138, specialised in customs surveillance.


Rodman Polyships S.A.U., shipyard of the Rodman Group specialised in the construction of all types of GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) vessels, ends 2021 with a new delivery of a professional vessel to the Coastal Surveillance Service of the Xunta de Galicia. This is the new Rodman 130, the second largest patrol vessel, after the Rodman 138, made of Polyester with Fiberglass that has been built in Europe and probably worldwide, so far, which is already part of the fleet of the Xunta to perform coastguard services and inspection tasks, control and support to the fishing fleet covering large surveillance areas.

The building of this model has been a new achievement for the shipyard, allowing it to continue growing in the new segment of vessels of more than 40 metres in length built in GRP, which will open the doors at an international level, being pioneers and leaders in this field.

New Rodman 130 Offshore and Coastal Surveillance Patrol Vessel

With an overall length of 40 metres and a top speed of 27 knots, she has been created by the shipyard’s design, development and engineering teams, perfectly combining high performance, reliability, build quality and sailing characteristics.

The vessel is suitable for performing fishing inspection and surveillance tasks as well as fleet support and control, thus contributing to the conservation of the marine environment and ensuring compliance with Maritime Regulations.

The propulsion consists of an innovative hybrid propulsion system, comprising two 1,500 kW marine diesel main engines, each with a hybrid gearbox, which is coupled to a 200 kW electric motor. This configuration offers various modes of use from 100% electric (main engines off) to combining electric and conventional propulsion to obtain maximum performance.

With a maximum capacity for 12 people on board, to be accommodated in eight independent cabins. With a range of more than 900 nautical miles, the new Rodman 130 offers great versatility in the surveillance of coastal waters and fishing resources, but she can also carry out ocean interceptions thanks to her ability to stay at sea over a period of 5 days without outside assistance.

The Rodman 130 Patrol Vessel is also equipped with a 7 m. Neuvisa tender, a fully equipped crane with a lifting capacity of 128.8 KNm and a hydraulic net hauler.

This new model has been developed taking into account the specific needs of the customer, as well as the different technical and construction quality requirements of the Rodman standard, thus optimising the safety and comfort of the crew and people on board.

Rodman 130

Sea assistance 

The new Rodman 130 is a vessel suitable for fishing inspection and surveillance tasks as well as support and control of the fleet, thus contributing to the conservation of the marine environment, and ensuring compliance with Maritime Regulations, the main objectives of the Coastguard Service of the Xunta de Galicia.

The development of this new patrol vessel model consolidates Rodman’s position as one of the world leaders in the construction of professional GRP vessels. All the professional boats and pleasure crafts built by the shipyard are recognised and highly valued by the most demanding owners, as well as by organisations and governmental administrations all over the world.