The work over the last months has been a frenetic pace. In addition to the presentation of the last launches of Rodman boats, we have attended some of the most important events in the marine industry where we have shared experiences and concerns with other professionals in the sector. For that reason, we could not wait to share it with you. In this new post, we shall provide an overview of our experience in each of these events, as well as a brief review of the boats and novelties we have released to the market. Do you embark with us?

Southampton Boat Show held from 13th to 22nd September in UK.

Our journey began on the 13th September at the Southampton International Boat Show held in the UK. At the Show, we launched for the first time to the public our new boat Rodman 1090 Evolution together with our UK dealer, RBS Marine. This boat has been tested during the Show and has been successfully accepted by the media and by customers already considered “as part of our family”.

In addition to the new Rodman 1090 Evolution, those attending the event were able to learn first-hand on the performance of other boats, such as the Rodman 31 OutBoard. This model shows a recent “re-styling”, where more windows have been added to the hull, providing more interior light and more attractive lines.

On the other hand, the boat Rodman SPIRIT 42 Coupé has also created great expectation among those present. She is a robust boat, considered as a classic in our range, for all those who enjoy long journeys on board, with the safety and reliability of the boats built by our Shipyard.

Grand Pavois Boat Show in La Rochelle held from 18th to 23rd September in France.

Our second disembark has been the “International In-Water Boat Show” Le Grand Pavois in La Rochelle.

We approached this Boat Show with great enthusiasm as it represented Rodman’s return to the French market together with our new dealership with French Boat Market. The public still remembered us and held our brand in high esteem, after years without participation in this boat show.

The boat that has most raised the attention of visitors was the new Rodman 890 Ventura. This boat representing the new Rodman range of outboard boats has had numerous visits that have valued her very positively. Renewed lines, surprising interior capacity and great luminosity have been some of the most outstanding features of this model.

Genoa Boat Show held from 19th to 24th September in Italy.

Our last appointment of the month has been in Italy, at the Genoa Boat Show “IL più grande salone Del Mediterraneo”.
We presented the Rodman 1090 Evolution in this event, a boat that has, once again, has a great acceptance in the Italian media sector. Besides, this boat has obtained excellent comments from the participants in the Show, closing once again new prospective sales.

Next Stops…

Our next stop will be from the 9th to 13th October at the Barcelona International Boat Show, in Port Vell. There, once again, we shall present our latest novelties: the Rodman 1090 Evolution and the Rodman 33 Offshore boat, which are the starting point to a new stage in the design line of our more genuine range.

Also, the Rodman Spirit 31 Outboard and the Rodman Spirit 42 Coupé will be present in the Show. Both boats are designed for adventure and to fully enjoy the sea.

In addition, the visitors will also find one of the pieces from our most exclusive range: the Rodman Muse 44. She is a Boat that represents character and beauty with the differential attributes of our brand.

Rodman latest innovations. A review of our latest launches.

If you still do not know our latest launches, we will provide you with a brief review of the most outstanding features.

We could consider the Boat Rodman 1090 Evolution as our Company’s great launch this year. She was unveiled last July. She is a versatile boat provided with a high level of detail and qualities, available in two versions: Hard Top and Fly bridge.

She reaches a maximum speed of 31 knots and with the Volvo Penta 300-1050 interceptor system technology this boat offers a comfortable and much safer sailing.

Highly customable, she is perfect for those Owners that look for a seaworthy boat of reliable navigation, genuine and of modern lines.

The Rodman 33 Offshore was released in August this year and she combines the experience of our brand in the building of high speed boats with the design of a leisure and fisher cruiser boat.

She reaches a cruiser speed of more than 45 knots and, like all our boats, provides a highly customizable design.

This boat is aimed to a wide range of public thanks to the definition of her spaces, her equipment and different options but, no doubt, she shall become the best option for those seeking a quality and affordable price alternative.

This boat is not yet available for sale and her launching is expected for June 2020. Following the path of her sister boats, the Rodman 1290 will show a modern design becoming the perfect attribute for stylishly sailing the seas.

She will have an overall length of 13.40 m., beam of 4.21 m. and EC:B (12) certification. We will share soon more information about this boat.

This is a true classic within our Fisher-cruiser range. A boat with years of experience whose lines have been subtly renovated. Wide windows allow a great entrance of light to the inside and perfectly combine the distinctive attributes of our brand with a compact size and easy navigation.

What do you think of this little review of our latest news and most outstanding events? We look forward to hearing your comments. If you are interested in finding out more news as well as all our proposals both in leisure and patrol and professional boats, you can download our brochure or browse our social networks. We are on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram!