In Rodman we have started the year 2020 with new projects, agreements, objectives and, above all, loaded with lots of energy.

Our first port of call was last month in the Boot Düsseldorf Boat Show in Germany, held from 18 to 26th January. This is a reference event that Rodman attends with the aim of establishing new commercial relationships in North Europe and internationally introduce our novelties: The Rodman 890 Ventura, Rodman 1090 Evolution and Rodman 33 Offshore. They all were very well received by the visitors so no doubt this is a satisfactory starting step of which we will now make the initial assessment.

We headed for Germany with the aim of introducing the new Rodman 33 Offshore to both professional and private owners, for the first time at international level, from which we obtained very positive feedback. One of the aspects that attracted the attentive glances of the visitors were the lines in her hull design, inspired by one our most recognized high-speed patrol boats. These provide a more sportive look to this model while providing more speed to the boat. Both her exterior and the spaciousness and comfort of the cabin are perfect spaces for enjoy fishing and cruising. This aspect captured the attention of more than one visitor.

On the other hand, the most celebrated boat in our stand was the Rodman 1090 Evolution. The attributes the public liked the most were her robustness, safe navigation and seaworthy lines. Her completely renovated spaces and bright interior, thanks to the large windows that have been incorporated into the design, have become her most outstanding qualities.

As for the Rodman 890 Ventura, the visitors highlighted her luminosity, balance and capacity for customization.

As far as the commercial aspect is concerned, we have opened possible agreements for sales by our international dealers in different countries who were present there: Bootswerf Scholl, RBS Marine, Limatla, Náutica Javier Berga, Pedetti Yacht and French Boat Market.

Also, we would like to mention other professionals, with whom we have started possible cooperation agreements, from Germany, Holland, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, Denmark, Sweden, Montenegro, Turkey, Taiwan and the USA, who shown their interest if becoming part of our distribution network.

Next year we shall attend again this Boat Show, which is the most important one at the moment, to continue strengthening our international positioning and to introduce our latest models. We shall also present the new Rodman 1290 Evolution, that shall be available in June next Year.

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