Last week Rodman Polyships signed a contract with the Marine Research Centre of the University of Vigo for the building of a new state-of-the-art oceanographic vessel with plug-in hybrid propulsion.

The new Rodman 58, with a length of 19.5 metres and a beam of 5.4 metres, will strengthen Vigo’s position, and Galicia’s in general, in coastal oceanographic research, enabling them to deal with some of the most critical social challenges related to climate and environmental change with greater guarantee and competence.

The construction of this new vessel represents a new challenge from a technical and innovative point of view, as she will be equipped with a hybrid propulsion system capable of 100% electric-powered navigation.

Environmentally friendly and with an efficient management approach that will facilitate the collection of oceanographic data of high technical quality, the vessel will be equipped to carry out scientific research in coastal waters. She will be a plug-in hybrid and will also have a complementary energy propulsion system based on solar panels with polycrystalline cells connected to a charger and two aero-generators linked to her control systems.

The Rodman 58 has been designed to carry out multidisciplinary scientific research missions such as the analysis of the physical, chemical or biological characteristics of seawater and sediments, the observation and mapping of the marine ecosystem, its habitats, and the seabed and subsoil.

It is a 100% sustainable project that will set a new milestone for Rodman.