We continue to present our latest launches. It is now the turn of the long-awaited Rodman 33 Offshore, a new concept craft, inheriting all the differential attributes of the Rodman crafts: strength, seaworthiness, building quality, functionality and great performance suitable for the requirements of this type of boat. Would you like to know everything it has to offer? Get on board!

New Rodman 33 Offshore is an open boat, central console style, combining to perfection all its experience in building high speed professional boats and its knowledge in design and building leisure crafts and fisher-cruiser boats.

The technical and development teams in Rodman have managed to perfectly combine the know-how of the Shipyard, its experience and building quality with the design elements necessary for the conception of a new model as well as maintaining the Rodman attributes. This new model is launched as a very competitive and complete option within the 10-11 m. length range of outboard boats, with central console and open type.

The result, the new Rodman 33 Offshore range is a balanced and complete boat, capable of reaching more than 45 knot with the security and comfort typical to the boats Rodman provides.

 A versatile craft, conceived for a wide variety of customers, by her own conception, by its own space definition and different options available that allow the boat to be configured according to the main features required by the Owner.

The new Rodman 33 Offshore will become the best choice for those who are looking for an affordable alternative but without compromising the quality and prestige of the Rodman boats. 

Technical Specification: The design lines combine high performances with a high comfort level ongoing and the best seakeeping, all of this characteristic values of RODMAN boats.

The deadrise angle of 23º at the aft (30º at amidships), as well as the longitudinal position of the buoyancy center have been optimized to minimize the pressure and friction resistance at the usual speed ranges. The spray rails arrangement contributes to a perfect lift and stability, not to mention to maintain the main deck dry.

Hull, main deck and superstructure will be produced with composite materials, all built mainly with E-glass multiaxial fiber, laminated with polyester resin, approved to be used in marine applications.

Our development team, meticulously analyzes all materials and parts ensuring that it meets the highest standards in navigation. In fact, all our boats have a 5-year guarantee against osmosis.

Definitely, a high speed boat, with wide and comfortable spaces outside, to enjoy navigation and a with comfortable spaces inside, including independent toilet and cabin, to ease stay on board.

No doubt, this is a different boat: functional and comfortable at the same time, powerful and strong, capable of providing excellent seaworthiness and high speed.

What do you think of the new Rodman 33 Offshore? We look forward to hearing from you. And if you want to see more news as well as all our proposals both in leisure boats and patrol boats and special crafts, download our catalog or visit our social networks. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube.