New Rodman 1040 Evolution: renovating a leader

Rodman will present at the end of the following month of May, its new Rodman 1040 Evolution, a boat which has been completely renovated in its line and style, but maintains all the strength and personality of its former model.

The renewal of this model marks the start of a complete renovation of its most authentic, genuine and traditional range: The Rodman range of Fisher & Cruiser boats.

The new Rodman 1040 Evolution: a renewed model which marks the start of a new phase in the range of Rodman crafts.

Rodman’s technical and development teams, jointly with the Naval Design and Architecture firm, Barcelona Yacht Design, have known how to perfectly combine the ship yards know-how, its experience and its ship building quality, with the most innovating elements of design and decor.

The result, a New Rodman 1040 Evolution, which represents a perfect balance between past and present, where one of the most iconic models of the Rodman Fisher & Cruiser range, is completely renewed, and maintains all the key features of the Rodman brand with more innovating aspects with regards to design and functionality.

A versatile boat, aimed at an ample variety of the public, which will be presented in two versions, Hard Top or Flybridge, both of which can be tailored and personalized to suit each owners requirements and needs.

The new Rodman 1040 Evolution, will become the best choice, for those owners looking for a sailing boat, safe, reliable, authentic and with a modern finish, comfortable and functional.

The most emblematic models from the Rodman range Fisher & Cruiser will be presented next spring completely renovated, following the new Rodman 1040 Evolution line and strengthening its position as the leading range of Rodman boats, within the international market and the fisher-cruiser segment.