Since the origin of our Group in 1974, we have focused all our efforts on seeking of excellence, building reliable, durable boats that meet the requirements of our customers. Now, we are taking a step further with our new Rodman 1090 Evolution. We are certain that it shall represent a change in our classic range of pleasure crafts. Would you like to know all about it? Get on board and we will show you.  

The Technical and Development team in Rodman, together with the naval design and architecture studio, Barcelona Yacht Design, have perfectly combined the Shipyard’s know-how, experience and building quality with the most innovative design and decoration elements.

The result, the New Rodman 1090 Evolution, represents the perfect balance between the past and present, where the key features of the Rodman brand are present and added to more innovative design and functionality aspects.

 A versatile boat, aimed to a wide variety of customers that shall be released in two versions, Hard Top and Flybridge, both customizable to the use and requirements the Owner may desire. 

The new Rodman 1090 Evolution reaches a máximum speed of 31 knots. 

The hull design of the Rodman 1090, extremely reliable during navigation, is based on the extensive experience, both in tank and full-scale tests. The shapes combine high levels of performance and comfort together with the typical seaworthiness of our boats.  

In terms of design, the longitudinal position of the hull centre has been optimised to minimise pressure and friction resistance in the usual speed ranges. The hull, deck and superstructure of the boat are built in composite materials consisting mainly of E-glass fibre fabrics, laminated with polyester resin type approved for marine use.

Also, she is provided with the Volvo Penta 300-1050 interceptor system technology that allows a safer and more comfortable navigation while reducing the consumption of the boat and thus reducing the environmental impact. It can be provided in two versions, manual or automatic.

Concerning interior configuration, this boat has a spacious owner's cabin, well equipped with many small details included. The guest's cabin, displays two beds in L configuration. On top of that, the boat has independent toilet, galley and dinette with all the things the owner needs on board, to make the most of his moments at sea.

The new Rodman 1090 Evolution shall become the best choice for those Owners seeking for a seaworthy boat, safe and reliable, authentic and provided with modern lines, comfortable and functional.

Starting next season, the most emblematic models of the Fisher-Cruiser Rodman range shall be released, completely renovated and following the path traced by the new Rodman 1090 Evolution and reinforcing the leadership of this Rodman range, in the international market and within the fishing-cruiser segment.

By the end of this year, a new version of her most affordable model, the new Rodman 890 Ventura shall be launched and by the end of next spring, the new Rodman 1290 Evolution shall be introduced, based on the lines from the iconic fishing boat model Rodman 1250

 We shall keep you informed on the coming new developments. All of them represent a stylish change in the Rodman range, while maintaining the spirit of our predecessor models. 

 What do you think of our Rodman 1090? We look forward to hearing from you. And if you want to see other proposals, download our catalogue or browse our social networks.