Rodman displayed during last Barcelona International Boat Show our most renewed and innovative models: Rodman Spirit 42 Coupé and Rodman Spirit 31. Both boats include all the novelties introduced for this season.

On top of that, during this event, Rodman announced two new models around mid-season, Rodman 33 Offshore and Rodman 1040 Evolution, which will mark the complete renewal of its most traditional and authentic range of leisure boats.

Rodman news at Barcelona Boat Show 2018:

Continuing with last seasons’ launch of the Rodman SPIRIT 42 Coupé, Rodman has incorporated different elements to the models of the rest of its Rodman SPIRIT range.

As from this season, all Rodman SPIRIT boats, incorporate 2 ample glass panes in their hulls with integrated portholes.

Apart from this, all the models offer different options of wood and interior décor, allowing the owner to tailor and personalize the boat to his/her taste.

The Rodman Spirit 42 Coupé and the Rodman Spirit 31 Hard Top, displayed during last edition of the Barcelona International Boat Show, included all the novelties already mentioned above.