Have you ever wondered what is our quality control system? Or what are the certifications that endorse our brand and Rodman boats? In this new post, we introduce you to our Quality Department, with the assistance of our Quality Manager, Pitusa Vaquero, so that you can learn in detail what their goals and processes are. Do not miss any detail. From Rodman, we open our doors for you...

  • Tell us how you started your career at Rodman. What motivates you most in your job?

I started working in Rodman 23 years ago. I could not live without the sea close to me and I have always liked boats. I consider myself a lucky person as I have been able to develop my professional career in this sector and because I still enjoy my job after such a long time. When we are developing a new product, things can get a bit rough, there is a great deal of pressure but all this is forgotten when we look at the final result, firstly when sailing at full performance during the sea trial at the bay waters and finally, when satisfactorily fulfilling the purpose she was designed for, in the hands of her Owner.

  • What is your mission and commitment as Quality Department?

Our function and main task is to coordinate and promote a constant improvement of the processes and the final product. One of our objectives is to help in the definition of standardized and documented processes to enable the establishment of work procedures aimed to the correction of deviations arising in the different stages of the definition and building of any craft. We are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Quality and Environmental policy of the Company, i.e. we guarantee that the boats built by Rodman fulfil the defined requirements and characteristics and that these reach the final customer in perfect condition and, at the same time, we ensure that all legal requirements in environmental issues are properly met. 

  • Please, tell us, from your point of view what are the major strengths of this area of action. 

I would highlight the people I work with, no doubt they are the major strength. At this point, we should also include, apart from the human team, the experience, the know-how and the knowledge acquired for more than 46 years in the manufacturing of boats in glass reinforced polyester and other composite materials. This is what provides us the strength to be able to adapt to the customers’ requirements, considering the versatility we offer. Note that we manufacture all type of crafts: from small leisure boats to 42 m. high speed patrol boats, including passenger catamarans of 35 m. in length. This versatility is a consequence of the way we accomplish our tasks and of the application of a methodology to all we perform and thereby ensuring the final result.

  • What is the Quality Management System?

A quality management system is based on the principle of continuous improvement. The system is certified under the international standards and the final goal is to provide the Customer with services or products of the defined quality standard.  For many years, Rodman has been granted certifications and our quality management system has been changing and improving over time. One of the main benefits provided has been the fact that we work in a systematic and orderly manner with defined and documented processes. This approach ultimately results in the quality of the boats we build. 

  • Taking into consideration that one of the goals is to achieve robust and durable boats, what are the tests which the materials undergo to check their composition reliability?

In the manufacturing of boats in composite materials, it is essential to guarantee that the material is correctly transformed in all phases of the process, from the reception of raw materials to the final assembly. Therefore, the first I would highlight is the advantage for all Rodman boats of having our own test laboratory. 

All the raw materials to be used in the manufacture of the different pieces of composite materials that makes up our boats are previously certified by the laboratory. As a first requirement, we demand our suppliers of gel coat, resin, fibre a PVC foams, etc, to have available recognised certificates to guarantee that the material provided is for naval use. 

By random sampling we perform test for all the raw material batches we receive, before its use in the factory. We define the manufacturing parameters and their controls. We also carry out tests of our structures in the laboratory where we validate the mechanical properties of the material. We want to make sure that the material designed by our technical department has been manufactured in strict compliance with the design requirements. 

  • The Rodman Boats are known for their great durability. Of all the warranties offered by Rodman, which, in your opinion, are the most outstanding?

Undoubtedly our structural and anti-osmosis warranty. This is the result of the way we accomplish our work, we are certain of how we manufacture our laminates, how we build our crafts and this allow us to provide our customer with an extensive commercial warranty which in the case of leisure crafts is 10 years against any structural damage to the hull and 5 years against damages by osmosis. 

  • Currently, what certifications endorse the Rodman Group and what does each certification mean?

Rodman holds the most recognised certifications, both nationally and internationally, such as the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certification since 1999, ISP 14001 Environmental Management Certification since 2000 and the PECAL 2110 Quality System Certification by the Spanish Ministry of Defence since 2001. We are part of the register of companies approved by the Ministry of Defence and we are approved suppliers for Navantia. All these certifications are revalidated every year by means of audits.

The compliance with these standards allow us to guarantee that our processes are defined and documented to be able to regularly provide all type of boats to satisfy all the customer’s provisions and applicable legal and regulatory requirements. The PECAL standard also specifies the NATO requirements for Quality Management that any supplier should meet to ensure quality in Defence contracts. 

  • Anything else you would like to add...? 

I hope that all the people who are part of Rodman continue improving and learning every day in what we do and that this will allow us to continue moving forward to offer our current and future customers, increasingly innovative boats with even greater performance.

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