Rodman 82

Rodman 82
Oceanographic vessel

Catamaran of 23.76 m. in length and 9 m. in breadth, she has been designed and built to perform research and oceanographic tasks in coastal waters. Fitted with two engines providing 1,620 HP to reach a maximum speed of 27 knots, 53 tons displacement and range of about 500 miles.

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Oceanographic vessel

Capacity for 16 people which allows the development of different scientific campaigns up to 7 days at sea. Accommodation area consists of three double cabins, two cabins with capacity for 4 people, two individual cabins, wide galley and two labs: one dry lab and one wet lab. The latest equipments both navigation and scientific have been fitted on board. Also the deck area has been equipped with fix and extensible cranes to facilitate scientific and research activities

Overall Length16.70 m
Total Beam6.55 m
Maximum speed15 knots
Passengers114 people

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