• The manufacture of the Rodman 80 catamaran reaches a new milestone with the assembly of the deck and hulls.
  • One of the main stages in the construction of the new 26 m long mini-ferry with a capacity of 250 passengers is therefore completed.

The design and construction project for the new Fred.Olsen Express mini-ferry was launched at the end of May. Since then, the Rodman shipyard’s technical team, together with the shipping company’s technical team, have carried out meticulous work on the definition and development of the vessel. The aim is to ensure her functionality, comfort and sustainability, as well as the best performance of this new catamaran that will be part of the company’s fleet in 2024.

The assembly and joining of the main deck to the hulls of the catamaran has been successfully completed these days, thus completing an important milestone in the construction process.


Next, the installation of the main equipment inside and the assembly of the main deck elements will begin, a process that will be completed with the subsequent assembly of the superstructure.

The head of the technical department of Fred. Olsen Express, Iván Fernández pointed out that “the construction works of the new vessel for the shipping company are progressing correctly. For us, working with Rodman is a guarantee of quality and trust, and collaboration is very easy, as communication between the two entities is direct and fluid”.

The building process continues and both companies express their satisfaction with the current state of construction and the expectations created with this new vessel.

Over the last years, Rodman has successfully designed, built and delivered different types of catamarans, not only for passengers, but also for other uses, such as hydrographic and survey catamarans or offshore catamarans for supporting marine wind energy platforms.

The experience acquired in this type of constructions, places Rodman, as one of the reference Shipyards at European level for this type of vessels.