The Rodman 66, named “Guardiamarina Herrero” was delivered this morning at the facilities of the Escuela Naval de Marín

(Naval Military School in Marín)


The shipyard Rodman Polyships SAU delivers a new unit of its Rodman 66 model to the Spanish Navy.

The boat delivered this morning is a 21-metre long Training Patrol Boat, with a capacity for a crew of 16 people on board and with cabins for each crew member.

She is powered by two engines of 1,360 hp each and has a fuel capacity of 6,000 litres.

The boat delivered is similar to the two previous ones and completes the contract signed last year, reinforcing the Navy’s confidence in the boats built by the shipyard.

All the technical and functional specifications required by the shipowner have been taken into consideration in the development of these boats, to adapt them in the best possible way to the intended use that the boats will have in their final destination.

Additionally, the procedures and quality standards set out in the PECAL/AQAP 2110 certification, which establishes the NATO requirements for quality assurance in the construction of boats for the defence sector, have been complied with in the design and construction of these boats.

The new patrol boat delivered this morning will have her base port in Marín, where she will join her twin boats in the training of students at the Naval Military School.

The delivery of this new patrol boat model reinforces Rodman’s position as one of the world leaders in the construction of professional GRP boats. All the professional and leisure boats built by the shipyard are highly recognised and valued by the most demanding shipowners, as well as by organisations and governmental administrations around the world.