Rodman has finalised the construction of the first two hulls of the new 26 m passenger catamaran of its Rodman 80 model with a capacity for 250 passengers.

Over the last years, Rodman has successfully designed, built and delivered different types of catamarans, not only for passengers, but also for other uses, such as hydrographic and survey catamarans or offshore catamarans for supporting marine wind energy platforms.


The experience acquired in this type of constructions, places Rodman, as one of the reference Shipyards at European level for this type of vessels.


The construction of this new catamaran, which began last May, will set a new milestone for Rodman, as this customer is one of the most important Shipowners in our country, firmly committed to the transport of passengers with quality and comfort.

These days, the first construction stage has been successfully completed at the Shipyard’s facilities in Moaña, with the first two hulls already laminated, unmoulded and ready to proceed with the next phase of joining the two hulls, with the lamination of decks, to then continue with the assembly of installations and the preparation of the engine room.

The construction continues on schedule, with an expected delivery date in the coming month of April 2024.